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This client had requested a redesign of their logo and of their brochures. Jumpstart Ministries is a rehabilitation facility  dedicated to helping men and women overcome addictions. The client wanted two brochures, one brochure for men and the other brochure for women.

As the designer for this commission, I was instructed to use the same layout of their old logo but to clean it up for modern usage. I designed the logo in Adobe Illustrator and then worked on the brochures. I used the text layout of their existing brochures and redesigned it with new colors and covers. The client wanted the covers to be bold and to stand out. I felt strong artwork that represented addictions ranging from pill abuse to alcohol consumption would be interesting and visually striking compared to other types of brochures advertising the same services. This was a interesting yet sensitive project to work on. Addictions can happen to anyone and so, helping support a charity that is focused on helping others felt very rewarding to me overall.

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