As a graphic designer at UniFirst Corporation, my tasks include designing and reproducing client logos to be printed onto carpeted logo mats.Several of our clients range from small businesses to large corporations.For this position, I use the Adobe programs Illustrator and Photoshop to render the logos and then place them into mockups. Once a client is satisfied with their mockup mat, I then use RIP software to convert the vector files to raster images for our large format printer. These mats are printed out and then shipped out to the client.

I design up to 10-20+ logos each day and usually process around 100+ orders a day using RIP software. At UniFirst, we use a limited color palette that clients can use to pick logo colors from. However, some clients want their logos to be printed with their PMS colors. My responsibility is to test print several versions of the PMS color in order to find the right match for the logo mat.


Below you will find some examples of my work.